Warm greetings to our fellow Americans (In citizenship and/or in heart) My family constructed a simple memorial for the US soldiers fallen in Iraq. To date we have erected plaques ("Sentinels"), recognizing by name each fallen service man or woman. The memorial is located at a local park a few blocks from our home. (Northwood park, Irvine Ca.) Click here to find an article (OC Register, Sunday 6/29) that captures the essence of the memorial. Also, a 15min video documentary has been produced about this memorial. A copy has been sent to the families of every fallen hero. If you have not recieved your copy, or simply want a copy, please email us your request to the address below. The memorial is not sponsored or organized by any group or organization. No one has ever been asked to do anything regarding the memorial. Never the less, countless hours of devoted care have been contributed by hundreds of people over the past months� a natural and unsolicited outpouring from their hearts. Literally thousands have come to honor the fallen and contemplate our cherished freedom. They come to tend to the memories of the fallen. They come with their children to teach them about honor and sacrifice. They bring flowers and decorations. They research the soldiers and post their pictures and bios on their plaques. They come to feel the pain of every life lost... to feel the joy of knowing that our country and nation are worth dying for... and to feel gratitude for those who are prepared to make that ultimate sacrifice. They come to light candles every sunset and listen to the playing of taps. The memorial has become sacred because of all who visit day after day. We are so grateful to be Americans and to live in this country. God bless America. A Grateful American family ps: The city council of Irvine has voted unanomously to allow us to erect a permanent memorial in place of this temporary one. In order to accomplish this blessed priviledge, we have created a nonprofit organization called: "The Gratitude & Honor Foundation. Please stay tuned for updates. Contact by email: gratitude@medlase.com

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